We manufacture two major types of couplings including flexible modular couplings and gear couplings. Our flexible modular couplings are either flexible plug couplings (with leather or rubber plug) or flexible modular couplings (rubber star, rubber block or periflex). These couplings are recommended to be installed between our gears and the drive motor due to their good damping characteristics. Our gear couplings are designed to offset minor inaccuracies of adjustment. As these are heavy load couplings, they are recommended for use between the output shaft of our gears and the driven machine. The internally geared elements are made from hardened 42CrMo4 and the externally geared elements are manufactured by inductive hardening and insert hardening. The barelling of the gear teeth compensates for any angular error of 1-2o degrees. For further information on our geared couplings, please download our catalogue.