Special pumps
In addition to our range of gear pumps suitable for carrying oil-type media, we have also developed pumps to deliver special media. The special media can be anything that is non-Newtonian, high density, explosive or aggressive. The media will also be considered special when used in the food industry. Some of our special pumps are based on our gear pumps. In this case, the gear pump is operated not at the usual revolution of 1,450/min with direct-coupled motor drive but the drive is through motor gear at a revolution required by the media. The pump case and the gears and the friction bearings are respectively made from corrosion-resistant material and plastic in case of aggressive media or use in food industry. In another range of our pumps, the function of drive and delivery is separated. Drive is transmitted from one shaft to the other by narrow gears while delivery is performed by circular profiles coupled to each other with clearance. This type of pump is used to deliver such media where it is required to maintain the structure of the media during delivery (e.g. solution of granulated sugar).  Some of the media delivered by our special pumps include sulphuric acid, molasses, animal fat, detergent, shoe polish, melt plastic, chocholate, biscuit pulp.