Gear pumps
Our gear pumps have a flow rate of Q = 4-63 m3/h and a maximum pressure of 10 bar and are suggested for use in oil-type media. Our range includes type 4S, 10S, 16S, 25S, 40S and 63S pumps and the description stands for their respective flow rate  of 4, 10, 16, 25, 40 and 63 m3/h. The basic design is equipped with spring seals on the drive shaft but the unit is also available for order with packing gland or slip ring. Our pumps come with pressure limiting valves. The above pumps are also available in corrosion-resistant design for use in the food industry or to deliver aggressive materials. Our pumps are also delivered with motor and coupling mounted on a base frame. We undertake to manufacture spare parts for gear pumps and to repair pumps.