Firm show up

  Dear Inquirer! Please allow us to show up briefly our firm, the Fogaskerékgyár Ltd. The firm was established in 1992, it is currently owned by three Hungarian persons. Our main profile is designing, manufacturing and repairing drive gears, as well as manufacturing drive-technical elements, toothed parts, machine-cut- and case-type parts. We have a factory in Tata and in Csepel, and an engineering office in Budapest, we have been maintaining a quality assurance system of ISO 9002 since 1996 ISO 9001 since 2003. We are suppliers of almost whole Hungarian industry: Zoltek ZRt., Hamburger Hungária Kft., ISD Dunaferr ZRt, MÁV-START Zrt, Bunge ZRt.,MOL NyRt, BKV ZRt.. Amongst others we export to Austria and to Germany.
Standardised and single-purpose drive gears
  Our standardised drive gears are drive through gears equipped with bevel gear, helical gear, bevel-helical gear and worm wheel. These equipment are made with case-hardened, ground gears and they operate with long life time, low noise- and vibration level. The drive gears are one-, two- and three step. The realisable gear ratio is u=1-125, the torque is Mout=2-80 kNm. The detailed information on installation, transmissible torque and gear ratios are included in the product catalogue. Some of our installed single-purpose drive gears, without demand for completeness, are listed below:Cement industry mill- and furnace drive, plastic industry extruder drive, paper industry mill drive, sugar industry cooling tower - and chute drive gears, water engineering gate lifting drives, crane drive gears for the most different parts and loads, conveyor drives, mixing drive gears, ventilator- and agricultural drive gears, epicyclic gear trains, etc.
  We manufacture gearmotors in design of foot-, flange- and shaft mounting, with low noise level and long life time. The drive gears are equipped with three-phase electric motor of 380 V with protection I 54, insulation class "F". If needed, they can be equipped with brake-, pole-changing-, explosion-proof- and frequency-changing motors too. Our motor operated drive gears are helical gears and worm wheel equipment with case-hardened and tooth-ground gears. The output revolution of drive gears between nout=0,36-315/min, while the transmissible power between =0,25-45 kW. The installation positions, the transmissible power and the output revolutions are included in the product catalogue.
  We manufacture gear pumps with flow rate of Q=4-63 m3/h for oleaginous agents with pressure of 10 bar; centrifugal pumps for volume flow rate of Q=30-600 m3/h, for lifting height of H=15-70 m, for slush and solution agents; low revolution pumps for excessively thick agents, corrosion-resisting pumps for food industry usage and for delivery of aggressive materials. We supply our pumps with motor, coupling and mounted onto base frame too. We undertake manufacturing spare parts of gear pumps and repairing pumps.
Spur-toothing parts
  We design and manufacture external gearing straight and helical gears by generating process between mn=30 mm and Ø5000 mm, by profiling process between mn=50 mm and Ø5000 mm, in tooth-ground design between mn=30 mm and Ø1600 mm. We produce straight and helical internal gearing elements between mn=16 mm and Ø1500 mm with normal and DIN 5480 involute spline. We manufacture worm drive pairs with case-hardened, ground worm shift, with worm wheel made from centrifugal bronze. We undertake producing spline shafts and parts with square spline, involute spline according to DIN5480, and with polygon joint. Furthermore we manufacture sprocket up to 2” by tooth generating and by profiling process over 2”, as well as we produce gear racks of optional length.
Bevel gears
  Our straight and helical bevel gears are produced by reciprocating tool machine between mn=30 mm and Ø1000 mm, our spiral bevel gears are manufactured by machine Klingelnberg Ciklo- alloid between mn=12 and Ø650 mm or by gear-generating milling-machine Klingelnberg alloid between mn=7 and Ø400 mm. Our bevel gear pairs are made from material 17CrNiMo6 and these pairs are case-hardened and lapped. We also produce hypoid drive pairs with tooth of alloid and Ciklo- alloid. By means of computational program, on request, we redesign your bevel gear drive pairs for optimal load-bearing capacity.
Manufacturing other details
  We produce shaft-type parts up to Ø1250 mm and length of 8000 mm, disc-type parts up to Ø2000 mm, and we mill up to piece size of 5000x4000x2000 mm. We have CNC-lathe-work machine capacity, we undertake surface-, external cylindrical- and internal grinding. We slot up to blow of 700 mm, our planer is able to machine up to length of 6000 mm. We manufacture welded structures, case-type parts, braced girders, stands, frames. We repair drive gears, pumps, complete installations also by field assembly.
Our further services
  We undertake reconstruction of broken parts, design of drive gears, driving systems and other equipment, as well as strength analysis for parts, drive gears. Our engineers give cost-free advisement for driving-technical issues. We undertake lump-sum preventive maintenance of plants. Furthermore we take up reconditioning and marketing machine tools, as well as marketing our bearing store of more thousand pieces.



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