General description
Our product group of worm gear reducers are suitable to be used within the output torque limits of 350-14 000 Nm and transmission ratio between 10-12000 as universal built-in transmission unit. The gearmotors have the power limits of 0,55-45kW, and their output speed are between 145-0,05 rpm. The basic device of our worm gears (series CT) can be mounted with single-stage parallel-shaft reducer (series HCT), with worm gear reducers (series CCT), with electric motors (series MCT), as well as with the combination of thereof (e.g. MHCCT).
The housing of our worm gears are made of high strength, excellent vibration damping grey iron, cutting by CNC machine  tools, so that the highest precision running of the shafts may be ensured.
Driving details
The ground worms are made of case hardened steels, the worm-wheels are made of centrifugal casted bronze. There are case hardened, ground helical gears in the parallel-shaft units. The accuracy of the gears is according to DIN7.
Our worm gear units are aviable either of solid or hollow shafts, the mounting positions are as shown in Table 10.
The electric motors built together with the gearmotors are asynchronous motors of a voltage of 3x380 V with short-circuited rotors, of a protection IP54 and a class of isolation “F”. Our worm gears can be ordered also with special motor designs: of a different protection class, fitted with brake and/or a second motor shaft extension.
Optional additional units
The following elements can be ordered for attaching to the output shaft of the gearmotors: flexible coupling (KR), V-belt sheave (KE), sprocket (KL), cylindrical gear (FK). The following elements can be built in between the motor and the gearbox: flexible coupling (BR), overload release clutch (BN), overrunning clutch (BS).