General information
We manufacture bevel and cylindrical drive gears which have been developed on the basis of the latest design procedures, relying on our company’s cutting edge production technology and in consideration with your, the user’s, demands. Our bevel and parallel gear drives are double and triple-stage ones having a gear ration of u = 5 to 100. Our parallel gear drives are single, double and triple-stage ones having a gear ratio of u=1,12 to 100. There are lower foot mounting (design ‘A’), upper foot mounting (design ‘B’), lower-upper foot mounting gears (design ‘C) and helical shaft mounted gears (design ‘D’). Our gears can be mounted horizontally (mounting position 1), upright (mounting position 1) and vertically (mounting position 3). Indicated transmittable loads refer to uniform and steady torque load, electric motor drive, maximum one start-up per hour, maximum 2.5 times the rated starting torque, 100% turn-on time and an ambient temperature of 20oC. Under different operating conditions, the required gear size should be selected on the basis of the machine tool performance adjusted by the operating ratio.
Gear cases
Our gear cases are made from high-strength, vibration absorbing and tempered cast iron or welded construction with equivalent parameters. The cases are machined on NC machining centering allowing the shafts to have high running accuracy.
Our profile ground and case hardened helical gears are computer optimised for geometry in quality 7 according to DIN standards. Our tapered gears have Klingelnberg Ciklopalloid teeth, in hardened casing, and are manufactured under load following heat treatment. As a result of our complex quality assurance system, the high precision teeth are manufactured by state-of-the-art machine tools and our gears have high efficiency and low noise and vibration level.
The bearings used in our gears are tapered and swivel bearings all of which are computer checked prior to installation. Installation and operating clearance is set according to SKF/FAG standards.
Our gears have solid (mark N) or hollow (mark C) output shafts. Key dimensions are according to DIN 6885 (MSZ 2305) and shaft end holes as per DIN 332 (MSZ 233). The stub shafts are only torque loadable. Please contact our constructors in case of coupling involving radial force (belt, chain, etc.).

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