Single-purpose machines
Purpose built machines include our devices which are not drive gears. These machines and equipment are manufactured according to documentation and technical specifications provided and specified by the Customer and as per our very own designs. We have manufactured a complete pipe welding device to Voest Alpine Seuthe, a sorting conveyor and roller containers to Budafok Recycling zRt. We have developed various machines to allow waste material processing and among our products are waste paper virbulators, shredding machines and grinders in different designs for paper and plastic processing. We have manufactured thermal extruders for plastic processing. We have developed a chip centrifuge for the removal of emulsifier. We have designed and manufactured complete mixers to Magyar Cukor Rt. Purpose-built machines include crane engineering units and diggers to Ganz Danubius Daru Kft and complete anchor windless units to Gaz Danubius Vitla Kft.